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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 18, 2010 3:00am-3:30am EST

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making news on this monday, october 18th. political push, the president and first lady on the road with just 15 days to go before election day. the cable fight to keep millions from the fox station. the battle could end up costing viewers more. and the cost of a privacy breach on facebook. who's at risk and what is the social network doing about it? and good morning, everyone. thanks for being with us.
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with just over two weeks to go before the crucial midterm elections, the president and first lady of double teaming voters. >> they're hopping mrs. obama's enormous popularity will fire up the voters at the polls in november. emily schmidt with more. good morning, emily. good morning to you. the white house couldn't have opted for a divide and conjure strategy sending president and mrs. obama to two campaign stops to double the coverage. instead, they put the team together, a power couple, seeking to reenergize the base. >> reporter: with control of congress up for grabs in washington, the political push is well outside the beltway. >> hello, ohio! >> reporter: first lady michelle obama made her first campaign appearance with the president since 2008. polls show she is more popular than her are husband, working to convince voters to stick with democrats through tough times that began under republican
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leadership. >> it is up to you to tell them we do not want what they're selling. we have been there before and we are not going back. >> reporter: in the next two weeks before the election, both obamas will campaign separately across the country, including washington where senator patty murray is fighting to hold on. >> i voted to put in strong wall street reform to protect you. >> which washington are you representing, washington, d.c. or washington state? >> reporter: though clinton is also planning a washington state trip. he's made 83 campaign stops this election season, trying to fire up all democrats. and republicans are energized and ready to fight. senator john mccain campaigning for carly fiorina. >> barbara boxer is the most anti-defense senator in the
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united states senate today. >> as of now, president obama has four more election stops, all in states where democrats face much tighter challenging today. >> thanks. one more political note, last night's kentucky senate debate quickly turned nasty. rand paul accused jack conway of gutter politics. at issue was a conway ad to a group that mocked christianity. paul demanded an apology, calls himself a pro-life christian. paul hag a double-digit lead in the polls. negotiations are set to resume in a war of words between two giant tv conglomerates. the issue, as always, is money. linsey davis has details. >> reporter: many turned on their tv planning to watch
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this -- >> touchdown! >> reporter: -- and instead, saw this. >> but news corp is demanding more money and is willing to hold their own customers hostage to get it. >> reporter: the battle isn't as interesting to watch, but it's shaping up to be just as intense as two bitter nfl rivals going head to head on any given sunday. news corp is now demanding $150 million, more than double of what they used to charge to air the programming. but programmers such as fox say it's only right that they get a fair share that cable companies are paying. >> now broadcast networks want to be in on that. >> reporter: this particular blackout affects about 3 million people in metropolitan new york and philadelphia. but in less than two weeks, news corp is threatening to pull its broadcast off of dish network. >> we are seeing the spike in fees a lot more often and i
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think it's because the local stations desperately need that. >> reporter: just this march, cable was in dispute with abc. abc returned several minutes into the academy awards as they finalized the deal. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> the u.s. is reportedly trying to get chinese companies to stop providing assistance to iran in violation of u.s. sanctions. "the washington post" said they have a list of suspected companies along with nuclear programs. chinese officials are investigating. meanwhile, iran's leader is now welcoming a new round of nuclear talks. the president mahmoud ahmadinejad says iran will continue to enrich uranium for nuclear energy. at the same time, ahmadinejad says it's time for the u.s. and other powers to crack down on israel's alleged nuclear arsenal.
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talks could resume next month. and the report apparently came a couple days from saudi arabian intelligence. >> the french have been on high letter for a few weeks and the eiffel tower was closed at least twice. the france's prime minister said the threat is very real. the american embassy in afghanistan could be in real threat. as nick schifrin reports, thousands of ballots could be thrown out. >> reporter: the cell phone videos may be blurry, but they clear reveal that fraud in last month's election w was widespre. watch this, as one person watches, one cast dozens of fake ballots.
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this being almost comical, a debay, not on politics, but how best to commit fraud. you want the whole box for one person? he asks. the local elder decides. apparently, the answer is yes. these are all for one candidate. u.s. is desperate for this election to be legitimate hoping to create the government of afghan's support. we showed the video to the chief electoral officer. what do you see when you see this video? >> i think this is a great roof for us and a great tool for us to make sure that we only announce clean results. >> reporter: that's an improvement over last year when the election itself facilitated fraud. if this year, fraud is punished, afghans might gain trust in their fragile democracy. but if it's not, afghans will gain faith that the u.s.
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represents them making the u.s. effort here even more difficult than it already is. nick schifrin, abc news, kabul. the american health association is releasing new guidelines today changing the order for how cpr should be performed. the also abc meth calls for opening the airway first, giving a breath. but experts say the sequence should always start with chest compression, airways and then mouth to mouth. a wet day in the southwest with showers and thunderstorms in l.a., san diego, las vegas and cleveland and pennsylvania. >> mostly 60s from boston to baltimore. 50s in detroit, chicago and minneapolis. 69 in kansas city. phoenix, 86, boise, 67, seattle, 59. when we come back on this monday morning, a frightening weekend accident in an air show
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in arizona. and another privacy concern involving facebook. that's straight ahead in our business news.
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some of the nation's biggest banks will be the focus on wall street this week. citigroup, wells fargo and bank of america under fire. investors are worried that
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freezing foreclosures will eat away at their earnings and end that recent rally. >> tokyo's nikkei average ticked down a couple of point it's today, hong kong's hang seng is lower. in londons the ftse opened lower, too. on wall street, the dow rose 56 points last week, meanwhile, the nasdaq climbed nearly 67 points. the economy is slumping pretty much everywhere, but wealthy people all over the world are opening their wallets again for luxury items. luxury items are forecast to rise thanks to a friending spree by wealthy americans and chinese. new questions about facebook's ability to protect users' privacy. "wall street journal" is reporting that many of the site's popular apps have been transforming i.d.s for companies. facebook says it's taking steps to address the problem and appears to have shut down some of those applications.
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well, it was a big opening weekend for the latest "jack ass" movie. "red" opened in second place and "the social network" finished in third. they're saying "jack ass" is the biggest opener since "inception." >> highlights from the national league championship series game two. and some the chilean miners head back to the mine for the first time since being freed last week. our correspondent was right there with them.
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now for a look at your morning road conditions. wet and flooded on i-15 from los angeles to vegas and in salt lake city. slick on i-40 from california. wet also on i-70, 80 and ohio
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and pennsylvania. >> if you're flying today, expect airport delays out west in l.a., salt lake city, phoenix and denver. a weekend air show near phoenix got off to a horrible start when a motorized air glider crashed into a hot air balloon. the glider pilot suffered minor injuries. fresh from the triumphant rescue of the 33 miners chile's president meets with england's queen elizabeth. sebastian pinera traced the steps of winston churchill. neal karlinsky reports from chile. >> reporter: the miners who came back amid the battle of a huge crush of media and an indescribable web of emotion. are you a little nervous coming back here?
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yes, he says, i'm very nervous. coming back so soon was too traumatic for some. more than a dozen miners didn't show. for those who did, the attention was overwhelming. this isn't just the first time any of these miners are coming back. it's also the first time they're getting to experience in a real up close way just how much interest there is in anything they have to say. the mass was held inside this tent, right alongside camp hope, where they're families held vigil for more than two months. cameras weren't allowed inside. and some miners took advantage of that, protesting lost wages and angry accusing the mining company of saving 33 but abandoning 380 of them who are out of work because the mine is closed. but protest didn't overshadow the day, a day where miners gave thanks, wrote autographs for rescuers and even hiked the
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hills to see the flags planted in their honor. one flag for each of the 33. it's so impressive to see how the camp is miner jorge gallon g gee yas said. josh fattal and shane bauer have been jailed for 444 days, that's how long the u.s. hostages spent there back in 1981. but the fate of fattal and bauer is still up in the air. a devastating blow for the university of rutgers community today. eric legrand is temporarily partialized from the neck down. surgeons have staeblized his spine but say it's too early to tell if the paralysis will be permanent.
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tonight on "monday night football" men. tennessee at jacksonville. >> as for yesterday's nfl highlighted and phillies and giants series, let's take a look at that from espn news. >> good morning, i'm don bell. we start with playoff baseball. south philadelphia we go. game two of the nlcs, top of the fifth inning, codey ross going deep. third big fly of the game tied at 1-1. and the pitcher, he scores, phillies lead 3-1. later in the inning, jim? roll listens. j-roll, he drove in four. the phillies win it 6-1, the series heading back to san francisco. to the nfl, vikings hosting the cowboys, randy moss making his return to the metrodome. vikings trail 14-7, percy harvin.
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harvin, feet don't fail me now. past the 30 he goes, 95-yard touchdown return. the vikings tie the game at 14-14. later in the third, game tied at 14-14 again, adrian peterson up the gut. vikings win it 24-21. cowboys fall 1-4, minnesota, 2-5. pats trailing 20-10, brady hooking up with his old friend, deion branch. the newly acquired deion branch. they would later kick a field goal. gamed tied at 20-20, it is through from 35 yards. the patriots win it 23-20. and that is your espn news update. i'm don bell. now, back to you in new york. well, call it better late than never that the u.s. government is finally
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recognizing a 95-year-old hero from world world ii with a bronze star. >> george voinovich masterminded a mission in serbia back in 1944. it was the largest aires skew of americans behind enemy lines in any war. coming up next, the stories we'll be following today, including 15 days to go until election day. >> getting close. also, new questions today to fif tiffany harley about the mysterious death of her husband. stay with us. control my asthma symptoms symbicort to help all day and night. [ man ] symbicort improves my lung function, starting within 15 minutes. symbicort will not replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. it is a combination of two medicines and should not be taken more often than prescribed. symbicort contains formoterol. medicines like formoterol increase the risk of death from asthma problems,
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the official cold medicine of the u.s. ski team. alka-seltzer plus. now, a look ahead to the stories we'll be watching this monday. big names on the campaign trail, vice president biden stumps in washington state and pennsylvania. sarah palin kicks off the tea party bus tour in nevada. there will be more questions for tiffany hartley, the fbi will question her about the death of her husband who she claims was killed while the two rode jet skis near the texas/mexican border. the trial of steven hayes begins today. prosecutors will push for the death penalty. jury selection begins today in the chandra levy murder trial. she jogged in a washington park
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nine years ago. fox has pulled all of its programming while talks are under way, leaving millions of subscribers without access to playoff football, baseball and prime time shows. and france is taking threats seriously by al qaeda. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion.
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and finally this morning, how one country's military is keeping costs down by blowing things up. >> the russians are fooling their enemies with an inflatable arsenal that might be quite a feeling among most 8-year-olds. >> reporter: this is the fear sum russian military might we're used to seeing. this isn't, a dark green bundle stretched out, pump attached, then fired up. in minutes there stands one of russia's most famous weapons, the s-300 anti-aircraft missile launcher. there's the t-80 tank which can be inflated in three minutes. at 200 pounds easily repositioned. from the sky, it's seemingly impossible to see their blowouts. and if it gets bombed, the t-80
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only costs about $10,000 compared to the new one which can cost millions. we're not making weapons of destruction, we're making weapons of saving says the company's head of marketing. our equipment and models save people and real military equipment. inside the small workshop, a row of women are hard at work. this started as a hot air balloon and bouncy capital company, now they're creating weapons out of clothe sewing them together. it's very implicated. look at the weapons. that marina. our goal is. nato forces bombed in kosovo, russia reportedly used them in in the 2008 with georgia. the newest trick in outmaneuvering, outsmarting the enemy. brought to you by the


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